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We are confident that we can work together to find IT and Design Solutions that help bring out the best in your Small Business. We can provide you with individual services, or a comprehensive package that leaves you with the peace of mind to focus on everything else life throws your way.


Prior to starting site 28 we spent a combined 50+ years in related industries, with clients ranging from small start up companies to multi million dollar corporations. We take pride in what we do and want to apply our knowledge to helping other small business owners create, or elevate their online presence.

Customer Support

We work around the clock to provide the best possible service. From initial communication through the entire Technical & Design Processes and on, we will ensure prompt efficient service. The look of relief on our clients faces when they realize how our products and services simplify their lives is why we do what we do!

Flexible Pricing

We realize there is no shortage of expenses when it comes to operating a small business, which is why we offer competitive pricing with the flexibility to choose only the services you want! All of our Design and IT Services can be customised to suit your small business budget.

site28 – IT and Design Solutions for Small Business

IT doesn't have to be boring...  Let us design IT for you

A strong technical background (his)

  • His goal is to ensure the online and offline operations of your business are bullet-proof. From installation to monitoring and updating, you can rest assured your data is in good hands.


A passion for design and creativity (hers)

  • Her goal is to help your business succeed by captivating your vision, creating a brand image through customized logos, marketing materials, and a fast, impactful website design.
Inspired by small business
We offer individual services as well as package deals and can work with you in person or online to achieve a concept that you love, within a price you feel comfortable with.


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Him and Her

We have grown together personally and professionally for over a decade. We are the Yin to the others Yang, the Technical to the Creative - We are the Founders of site 28 :)
Jonathan Keller

Jonathan Keller


Dad, Husband, IT Specialist, Campground Owner, BBQ Guru, Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Many. The man formerly known as the wizard behind the curtain. He's the technical half, we dont actually know what he does, but it doesnt matter because it works!

Charisma Haight

Charisma Haight


Mom, Wife, Designer, Campground Owner, Pinterest Junkie, Work-Aholic and Heart-on-Sleeve kinda girl. Values honesty, integrity, kindness, chocolate and an open mind. "The slave driver and creative thinker behind the organization."